August 27, 2010

The Game

you have lost it.

Interesting Urinal Concept

Eco-Urinal Concept by Yeongwoo Kim

This urinal uses the water to wash your hands, to then flush the toilet.

Paul Allen has gone Bat-Shit crazy

Microsoft Co-founder Paul allen has begun trying to enforce is patents on many very basic things such as

  • Items suggested on what you are currently viewing
  • Viewing related news stories
  • Placing online ads in the peripheral vision of the reader
  • "Alerting Users to Items of Current Interest." 

Free Stuff!

For August 26, 2010

HTML 5 App Store

Have an iPhone or getting an Android phone soon?
Open App Market is perfect for you!

1. goto on your iPhone.
2. Click the plus at the bottom of Safari
3. Click add to home screen
4. Tap the icon it just created to open the new app store experience.

The Market is not yet available for Android, but is coming soon.

Blockbuster Bankrupt!

A rumor has just surfaced that the rental giant, Blockbuster will be filing for bankruptcy next month!

They are expected to close around 500 of its 3000+ stores to compensate.

They will need to step up their game in the future of technology to beat already streaming competitors Netfilx, Gamefly, and Hulu.

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