September 04, 2010

The Next Jessi Slaughter

I'm pretty sure I'm a little late on this one, but this is MissSunkistCarmen a.k.a. KaitlynCamShow. She claims to have beaten 4chan.

lol, she's going to close down 4chan.

Anyone got docs?

The CamWhoring


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  5. what anybody does in their home is private !!
    & not !!!! hurting children in any way !!!
    but pls no cp on the internet i have seen it on omegle i was shocked & upset plus there is very young girls on this chat room where yes guys flash !!
    & these girls are young sooo where do you draw the line !! &
    pls no one give out there email address on these chat rooms if any one ask you !!
    yes the internet is full of old men & prev so becareful !!
    bye dave